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A little about Edgware Private Tutor Elisa Gianoncelli


I'm Elisa Gianoncelli and I'm an educational consultant and private tutor based in Edgware, North London.

I prepare children for public schools in my area, such as North London Collegiate and Haberdashers. I also run learning working clubs for local children. These are great fun and in them we learn how to do maths, reasoning, comprehensions and how to write stories.

I love writing stories and write them for the children I teach and for my son - who inspired me into writing stories in the first place.

I want to bring my working clubs to you through this website. On it you can read stories written by me and by yourselves, as I will be holding regular creative writing competitions as I teach you how to write brilliant stories with step by step instructions. Punctuation, spelling and grammar instructions will also be available for you.

I hope you enjoy this website. I would love to hear from you.


Elisa was born in Yorkshire into an Italian family. She went to a girls convent grammar school and acquired 11 O'levels and 4 A'levels, before attending Canterbury University. After her BA Honours, she went on to do a PGCE at Kings College London and then taught at St. Michaels Grammar School in Finchley for 12 years.




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