Frankie the Little Adventurer

Book One - Frank In Silly Isle


An extract from this e-book...

Frankie had decided to put together a brilliant new idea. A carcopter. A carcopter could drive, fly, rid the air of pollution and take you anywhere you wanted to go, instantly! It was even able to sail on water.

He carefully placed the carcopter in his plastic paddling pool. When his mum wasn't looking Frankie put an inch of water all along the bottom of the paddling pool and pretended it was the sea. All it needed was imagination he had plenty of that, and his bag of tricks containing a pair of pop out eyes, a false face, a bow and arrow and chocolate bars.

A large car torch blinked off and on in red, yellow and white. A silver and pink hooter made a tremendous din and a little blue steering wheel whizzed round and round. Old pram wheels made up the base of the machine together with the shell of Mr Sidebottom's old plastic wheel barrow. He added his dad's office fans and the whole thing began to shudder and sparkle. Even his Mum's old girl guide's tent was flapping around on top just like a mad crow...

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