- 2 -

Even he began to think everyone had chosen the right name for him after all as he really did feel like a poor little thing.

Even though nearly all his brothers were nice to him - he felt different to them. A bit like ugly duckling felt different to his duckling brothers and sisters.

But they were nice to him, because he was different and there was something very special about him. No one at this stage knew what a charmed life Poverino was going to have. Unfortunately, one brother called Ferdinando was jealous of Poverino, although it was not obvious yet. He was lazy and mean and spent most of the day eating chocolates with his gang of friends in his forest hideaway. He did not like hard work and would avoid it at all costs.

When Poverino became tired after a hard day's work in the fields, he would sunbathe on his hammock next to his favourite plant. This plant was a massive gigantic sunflower, much, much taller than little Poverino. The plant would bend itself to shade Poverino from the scorching sun. Wherever he lay, the plant would gently twist and twirl to protect his little friend. The plant was fully-grown now but when it was a baby Poverino had looked after it very carefully. He had watered it regularly and weeded the soil around the plant. So the plant became strong and healthy. Poverino had helped many a sick animal by taking honey and pollen from the plant to the animal to help it get better quickly. So it can safely be said Poverino had lots of friends in both the local animals and the plant life m his beloved mountains.

These were to be very beneficial to him in his battle against the 'mago' The 'mago' was a massive creature. Seen by very few but heard by all. When it stomped around, all the mountains shook. People ran to their houses for protection, some hiding in bushes along the way when they knew they would not make it back. They were terrified to hear their windows shaking and their doors rattling. In fact widows had to be replaced every month the 'mago' came. Rumour had it the 'mago' had 3 heads. Each head more ugly than the last. Each mouth with sharper teeth than the last. A 'mago' bite was identifiable to all. It was indeed a terrifying sight by anyone's standards. But little did he know that he had met his match in little Poverino and his private army.

It was Poverino's birthday - all the mountain folk came out to celebrate. The sun was just setting and the evening was warm - just perfect for a party. Everyone was there. His brothers, his grandmother and his friends.



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