The Rainbow Angels


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It's funny how one incredibly unusual situation can cause another one to happen. A powerful and magical, magnetic like force in the form of the Keeper of the Angels was acting on seven children on a skiing holiday in the Alps. She had been busy at work for many months arranging this mystical day. She was to call these the Rainbow Children. She knew that on Earth the people were in need of help desperately. Life for Earth people had become empty and sad. They had become obsessed with gold and because of their greed had become blinded by material possessions instead of seeking real happiness,

She was Keeper of the most special magical potions ever known through time. She was called "The Empress of the Rainbow" and her Kingdom was full of wonderful little creatures known throughout the Universe as angels of love. These were not ordinary angels but baby magic angels with fairy ways and fairy wings. They slept in the clouds and watched earth people go about their daily business.

On this day The Empress chose seven of her most treasured angels, one for each colour of the rainbow and one for each of the rainbow children. She placed them all close to the rainbow pot. Into the pot she put all her special magical ingredients. The sugar and the spice and of course all things nice! It was no accident that she chose seven children to visit the Alpine skiing resort of Aprica on that day, She had waited for the winter weather to soften and the rain and sleet to create her rainbow. The angels were about to ride the rainbow! She knew it was time to go. Whoops, here we go, jump on everyone, the rainbow journey had begun.

"Oh boy this is the way to travel" shouted Angel Shimmer. What a marvellous feeling it was, they all thought as they made their miraculous descent. Strength, the angel in charge held onto Angel Midnight's waist.

The Empress of the Rainbow had explained to all her little angels that life on Earth would be quite different and a bit frightening compared to their fife in angel land and that they could be there for a long time. She told them that although their work would begin immediately they should not make their presence known to the people of Earth until necessary. Little did she know that her subjects were not as perfect as she thought. They wanted to have some fun and had no intention of hiding away. She had carefully selected her seven angels from the hundreds of angel land's inhabitants, not knowing that she had chosen a few little horrors amongst them and that they were going to be very mischievous indeed.




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