The Rainbow Angels cont'd


- 2 -


Spring's magic gently kissed the Alpine valleys and pastel colours came to life in the Valtellina. The Alpini say that it is the Spring Nymph Primavera scattering her floral basket across the snowfields.

On this lovely day in April the snow was gently swirling in the sky which was littered with puffballs of cloud marching across the Alpine peaks. Tresivio the old provincial capital appeared as an ice palace when seen from a point some miles up the valley. Spring time snow is the most mystical of all the Alpine snows, say the Alpini knowing that anyone touched by it, lives a long and enchanted life.

Antonio, Giorgio and Daniele were tumbling through the Alpine fields to Aprica. They had decided that day to meet their English cousins for a last ski run before the Spring weather melted their fairy tale world away and they had to return back home. Monica, Myra, Sarah and Natasha were already on the lower slope, which led down to the little square. They were eagerly awaiting their cousins' arrival.

Their mother and father were waiting for the seven children to arrive in the square. Unexpectedly it began to sleet. "Take cover everyone," Mum shouted. The sleet didn't last long and within seconds of stopping the sun shone through its last drops. The sky momentarily disappeared and was replaced by the most incredible of rainbows ever seen. Adults and children alike simply stopped talking and gazed in awe. It was breathtaking. Then, quite incredibly for all the children to see, an eighth colour appeared twinkling and sparkling like diamond dust in the sky.

The whole of the valley lay shimmering in the soft golden sunlight filtering down through the rainbow; it seemed to be alive with magic. Unintentionally, as if pulled by some unseen irresistible force, the seven children began to run towards the rainbow. Suddenly Daniele shouted "It looks like it's in the woods over there", pointing towards an army of distant conifers. Natasha whispered, "The end is on those rocks behind the trees."

They suddenly found themselves standing at a rock they knew well. It was called the Angels Rock by the local people because of the three angels carved into its crest. A splash of colour shone behind the rock. They walked into the shadows behind the rock, to where they were being guided. Antonio whispered "Wouldn't it be amazing if we really found a pot of gold.



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