Stories for Children of All Ages...

These are some of the children's stories I've written. They cover a wide range of ages and topics, and I'm repeatedly told they are great fun. Writing stories for children gives me great pleasure and I would love to hear from you telling me what you think. Please enjoy!

Stories for children aged seven and older

Poverino is a series inspired by my Dad and the time we spent together in the Italian Alps. It's about a very unusual little boy who comes to the aid of his village against the horrific powers of the Mago. (ages 7 +)

  Seven children are touched by the magical powers of the Empress of the Rainbow whilst on holiday in the Alps. Suddenly the lives of these children are dramatically different and a great adventure soon follows... (ages 7 +)
Stories for children aged between six and nine
Frankie is a daydreamer who would sit and daydream through his classes at school as he tried to ignore his horrible teacher, Miss Spittle, who spat at everyone as she spoke. Read about how he escaped to the Silly Isle and began an incredible adventure... (ages 6 -9)
Stories for younger children aged six and under
Read about the different faces of the moon and the effect upon the life of a field mouse. (ages 3 - 6)
  Read about Antonio and Arlene as the Sun and Moon teach them about the universe. (ages 3 - 6)
  My "Me, You and the Universe" series has inspired many of my pupils to write their own versions. Here is one written by Dominic (well done Dominic) - Elisa.
frankie the little adventurer
the rainbow angels  



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another story for kids between 3 and 6 me, you and the universe